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2002-02-01 @ 2:28 p.m.
The Roxy and Co-op Job Anticipation

Finally, I have a weekend off. Sleeping in tomorrow will be so amazing... and the morning will be dedicated to my much ignored biochem text book.

Last night was the concert at the Roxy. Seeing the crew again was really nice. The show went well, and I was surprised at how good ex-Dave was. He was with this girl. Finally could he be moving on?? The interesting thing about the girl is that she was exactly the type of girl he goes for. It surprised me... to see those anorexic arms... just how mine must have looked way-back-when... and the funky-tight pants like Mel (his first attempt). I hope she sees the gentleness in his hands, the family in his heart, and the brain within his head. Now that I think about her, she's not nearly good enough for him... but then again, maybe his love will bring her the carriage and health that she lacks.

I digress. The point is that he didn't make a fuss about Peter. Maybe he didn't notice Peter at all?? Progress nevertheless. All the guys introduced themselves, and they all hugged me in a protective fashion. Peter must have noticed how much they care about me and how cool my friends truly are.

Peter continues to amaze me on how his quiet mannerisms are capturing my heart. Relaxed. Ready.

The crunch is on for co-op jobs. I heard a girl behind me in ecology talking about her interview for Fanny Bay. I really wanted that job. I dreamed about living on the island next to the beach. I dreamed about farming shellfish. The truism "Everything Happens For A Reason" rings in my ears. A new job posting for work in Kelowna. My dreams shift from the oceans to the orchards. Vernon. Cowboy. Everything happens for a reason. I'd be 30 mins away from him. Weekend trips to the ranch.

I'm anxious to see what adventures are to come.

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