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2002-02-05 @ 7:35 p.m.
Life is short

I should be studying for my biochem midterm.

I had this strange wild dream last night. Normally I wouldn't mention such a thing, but this one has stayed with me all day.

I was in an airplane, locked in a back room while it was being hijacked. The plane was spinning out of control... like being on the tilt-a-whirl at Playland. I had my back pressed against the wall with my eyes shut. I tried to think about my life and remember all of the amazing things I'd seen. Riding horses bareback, jogging along the beach at sunrise, hugging those I loved...

I woke up feeling very empty. I haven't done anything with my life yet. Nothing real.

On the theme of life, my TA for Ecology was lecturing us on cheating. He said, "In the end, when you are 74 years old and facing Your Creator, he will ask you how you made your money." He seriously said that. A UBC employee is telling me that I will go to Hell if I cheat.

Cowboy called me at 9am. I find it odd when people call so early in the morning to "just chat". Something is definitely up.

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