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2002-02-09 @ 1:57 a.m.
Bike ride to the beach

Over the week I forget how much I like Peter. As soon as I saw his face, my wandering thoughts snapped back to his quiet eyes. His hugs felt different today. He hugs me tight now. I used to be the touchy-cuddley one, but there's been a shift. It's so strange... I once thought he was completely 'out of my league'.

I took some pictures down on the beach this evening at sunset. The gulls were dropping shellfish on the rocks and wading among the rollers. The sun was reflecting off the skyscrapers of the downtown core... contrasted so sharply with the snow-dusted mountains. I leaned against my bike for a few minutes just breating in the scene. A jogger lady passed me by and commented on something... too bad Collective Soul obliterated her words. I turned off the music and hear the gulls crying. Dogs galloped along the wet sand from where the tide had been.

Relaxed. Happy. Friday.

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