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2002-04-03 @ 4:49 p.m.
Desperate in Pinstripes

I wore a suit jacket today. Job interview number I've-lost-count. I decided to get serious about these interviews, and perhaps the suit jacket will make the difference. It was strangely comfortable. I rather liked the way it made me sit up straight and the way it made people call me Ma'am. Not that I really like the word "ma'am".

"You are sure dressed up today," Todd commented in genetics. Yesterday I was all comfy in army-green overalls and tanktop; today I'm decked out in pinstripes and pressed white collar. He also told me that I have small feet (we sit up high where we can put our feet up without the prof tsk-tsk'ing us). I'm still pondering the significance of that comment.

To get to the interview I had to walk along Main for a few blocks. It's a different part of Vancouver for sure. Green is replaced with grey. I caught a glimpse into the "Nice Garment Factory" warehouse, and there sat rows of asian women pulling fabric through sewing machines. Shattered glass glinted sunlight outside the recycling depot. A resinous heavy scent eminated fromt the co-op housing unit. I caught my reflection in a window backed with yellowing newspaper. Yes, my hair is still curled under neatly at the ends, and my pants still have a pleat in the front. Then I saw my big ugly head and face lined with outdated tabloid headlines. I looked down. Then up. Then walked on.

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