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2002-04-19 @ 1:44 p.m.
Natural Slacker

Crashed around in the swampy woods on my bike. The bike that is worth more than my vehicle. Either I've spent way too much on that bike, or the van is a heap. You guess.

Typical day in the woods. Awed by the seemingly repeating maze of trees. Although I think I actually did go down the same trail twice.

Now I'm avoiding econ. And downloading some Mandy Moore songs. They are going into the same directory as Tory Cassis for some reason. I guess they balance each other out. One is the epitome of American Pop while the other is completely unmanufactured Canadian goodness.

This time next week my room will be in boxes.

Back to the woods. There was a pile of feathers on one trail. Upon inspection it was an entire wing. The feathers were the same striped brown that is etched so strongly in my mind from the enounter the other night with the owl. Why did she shake me up so much, and then leave her remains in my path? There is some deeper meaning to this.

(ex)Chris took my sister out for dinner last night. I'm just as curious as my parents must have been. Yea, she's my 'big' sister and she still lives in the room she was put in when she came home from the hospital. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that - her grades are better than mine from not having to work or do laundry.

Watched 'A Walk to Remember' last night. Hence the downloading on Mandy's music. It nearly inspired me to take action with crush-Russ. But then reality hit: I'm not hot like Mandy Moore.

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