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2002-04-24 @ 6:00 p.m.

I went hunting through thrift stores for a decent television.

There is a certain type of person that frequents these charming venues. The stereotype: middle-aged to elderly heavy females. They scamper down the rows, slapping the hangers quickly as they decipher between the 'good' floral mumus and the 'bad' floral mumus. They bustle past you and mutter 'sorry'. Nah, they aren't really sorry. They are shopping in a place for people on welfare.

There are whole racks of lingere. Negliges, teddies, night gowns... it makes me shudder.

But there I am next to the smelly men looking over the housewares section. I spotted her. The One. My new TV. Rabbit ears and remote control (less the battery cover plate)... yeah, she's perfect. Nice large 22" screen, fashionable wood-patterned box.. and 13 channels! All for $29. It will match the arbourite dinette set astoundingly. I had it on a while ago, and the only thing that came through the rabbit ears clearly was Jenny Jones. BUT, this discovery means that I'll get Rendez-View later tonight ehehehe.

So I show up in the Van to work today. My boss: "Is that yours?? You had us thinking all along that you were poor and starving, but you have that?" I honestly could not tell if he was being sarcastic.

Since this is already a lah-de-dah entry, I'll gripe about the size of my key chain. 14 keys. It really, really sucks. 7 keys for farm (gates, buildings), 3 keys for house (house, room, mailbox), 2 different bike locks, van key, parent's house. And a knife for opening hay bales.

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