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2002-04-30 @ 11:27 p.m.
Solo Night Check

Mopple is on the roof. She was meowing nonstop as I walked towards the barn, and once inside I searched for her. I searched low, and now I realize I should have been looking high! After disassembling a feeder, thinking she was somehow underneath it, I realized that the meowing could only be coming from above. I went outside and climbed on a wooden chute and sure enough, she is perched on the roof. But there is nothing that I can do about it. The tin roof is slippery with night dew, and only one of the four lights is working in the back. She'll have to wait until the morning.

The cat incident made me more cautious than usual, and when I went to check the cows, I got worried that Heidi wasn't in her bed. So I scrounged up a flashlight, and went to search for her in the paddock. She was almost smiling at me, comfortably snuggled in a pile of sawdust in an outdoor bed.

I hear Deuce's bell jingling through the garden. He'll be here to keep me company soon.

The place is nearly completely settled except for painting one dresser and potting some seedling kitchen herbs. It has all come together in perfect time; tomorrow is my first day at the lab.

I talked to Kevin tonight on ICQ. It had been 4 days since I'd been on ICQ, and we used to chat nearly every day. He told me that he missed chatting with me, 'as pathetic as that sounds'. He repeated that comment later on in conversation too. And then quickly covered up a further comment that would have made it seem like he had a 'crush' on me. I really don't know what to make of the conversation or of him. He's smarter than anyone I've ever met. He's a couple years older. We talk for lenthy periods, and he always makes me feel good about myself. Perhaps when he's in town this summer I'll invite him over for some wine and a Farm Tour.

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