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2002-05-01 @ 10:54 p.m.
Joie de Vivre

My happiness is sickening me somewhat too.

First day at the lab, and I couldn't be happier. My project looks super interesting; I even brought home a couple papers to read before bed. Somehow I managed to impress my boss with my understanding of immunology - So there Dr. T. and the 52% you thought I deserved!

My inner Martha Stewart is blossoming. This evening I painted my dresser, planted some basil and chives, and rewired my stereo and speaker set up for better acoustics. Only one box of miscellaneous crap left to be sorted though.

There is much joy in doing your laundry for free and having the machines on the same floor as your room. Free. Finally my clothes will be fully dried.

My 'best' friend: "Oh I didn't know you were working in a lab too. I thought you were just feeding the animals."

Only scoped out two dateable lab coworkers without wedding rings. And of course, some med don't wear rings. But that's OK. Fueling lab gossip is not the best way to start out.

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