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2002-05-09 @ 5:59 p.m.
A little sake on company time.

Two things I never realized that I disliked: kids and dogs. Ok, well, kids I knew. Can't reason with them. They don't understand about personal space. They are loud, messy, and so needy. Crying has gotta be the most annoying thing. And then you have dogs. They are like toddlers with lots of fur and loud barks. They look up at you with dopey eyes and long for you to scratch them. They run around messing up the house. They bark and bark and bark...

Arghh so I had a house full of toddler and dogs this afternoon. I got very angry with the girl for taking my beloved peacock feather off of my wall. It's just a feather, and I bet she was trying to 'show' me it... as if I didn't know it was there.. but that's how kids are. She will teach me patience. But I searched for hours around the zoo at Stanley Park for that feather. It's a treasure of my childhood.

Lesson learned: don't invite the neighbours in to play.

We went out for sushi at lunch today. Sake on company time; I could get used to this. But the one last decent prospect finally talked about his girlfriend. And warned me of the lab Prowler. Who was the only guy I wasn't sure if he was single. But nobody has asked if I'm single yet. Nobody has asked me much more than 'what school are you from?' or 'where do you live?'. And two coworkers discussed how I didn't seem like much of a drinker. Which I translate into "You are a brown-nosing straight-edge goody-two-shoes."

Better to come across like that rather than how they view the other student "She's so quiet and doesn't ask questions so makes mistakes. And they got mad at her for chewing her hair in the biohazard area."

Or as the part-time worker we were discussing who I thought seemed rather normal and cool "She's a freak".

So by telling me that she's a freak, he probably thinks that I'm normal. But it really has no bearing because he's got a girl.

OK, off to class. Yes, summer class. Full time job, part time job, biotech committee, softball, and part time school. As if I'd have time for anything more than daydreams anyhow.

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