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2002-05-15 @ 9:14 p.m.
My Backyard

There are 80 acres to explore, and I've only just begun tonight.

I ventured behind the piggery and found the most lush clearling surrounded by a mossy broken down fence on one side and blackberry brambles on the other. A perfect spot from which to watch stars.

Then I decided to see what was in the Small Ruminant building. It's just storage now. But there was a door out the back that led into an area of smaller pens. Overgrown with weeds, rusty cages and broken feeders litter the area. I teetered over a very rotten piece of plywood that was spanning a ditch and crawled up this embankment. A pond with loudly croaking frogs. The cacophony pierced through the pastoral hum of baa-ing sheep and whirring crickets.

Tomorrow I'll see what's behind the woodlot.

I cleared out my 'Sentimental' Hotmail folder last night. This was from October 2000. It feels like that was a surreal dream... I can't remember being in that place.. that romantic love stage.

Dear Shannon,

It's pretty close to 5 months eh?.. I'm letting it sink in.. It does seem like awhile.. But on the other hand, on the grand scheme of things, it's only 1/48 of my whole life.. It's weird though.. This 1/48 of my life has been one of the happiest moments I've experienced.. I hope there is much much more to come. At the same time though I'm a little scared.. Don't know of what or why though.. Maybe because I didn't know such feelings or the need for someone could exist the way they do inside of me. You've unleashed something I can't control... My heart..

Love You Forever,

P.S. Please be carefull, it's my first time using it.

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