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2002-05-25 @ 4:56 p.m.
Shearing Day

The sheep are sheared. I did one. She will be shunned from the heard from her stupidly shorn fleece. The greasy wool does wonders for calloused working hands.

So yesterday morning there was this really hot guy driving the tractor when I was leaving for work. Then I learned today he is the boyfriend of a volunteer.

Oh well. After work we all went out for pitchers at the local pub. I hadn't had lunch, and two sleeves were working their magic. When it was time to leave, I went back to the parkade to get my bike. Coincidently, the only single co-worker, Brent, was headed that way too. So we rode home together, well the 10 minutes to his apartment. It was good conversation. But I'm not interested. People talk about him a lot, about how he treats women badly... like they are 'opportunities'... and that he's a wimp in cold weather. So how would that make me look? Even if he has been completely polite and normal in front of me.

The drinking continued (after a quick shower) with my sister, her boyfriend, and his roomates. Good times. I'd forgotten the joy of riding in the back seat of the car, cruising with the windows down, singing to the radio, with good friends.

Must sleep. Must recover from wrestling sheep.

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