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2002-05-27 @ 10:36 p.m.
Ray of Light

I spotted Russ on campus this morning! He's here! Time to do some gentle stalking...

It's the same-old at work. Funny how after 3 weeks it is already same-old. Go to work, type up protocol, go to lab, set up 'biological safety cabinet', draw blood/thaw cells, do 7 hr experiment, clean cabinet, analyze data, chit-chat wrap-up with boss, go home. With a 30 minute coffee break at 10am and a 60 minute lunch around 2pm.

I went home tonight to move the very last thing out of my old room - my fish tank. It's set up and bubbling away now. And the 2-year-old neighbour came over to have a look. She's fun to play with, in small doses. But when I was 2, I don't recall being allowed to stay up past 10pm. I was in bed before 10 in grade 8!

Times change, apparently.

And the rain falls. And rises off the pavement as steam. In the dark, warm night.

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