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2002-05-28 @ 11:30 p.m.
Ruby Tuesday

Phone bill post-marked May 10, 2002. Recieved in my mailbox May 28, 2002. Bill due June 1, 2002. Thanks, postal system, I love how you give me lots of time to pay my bills.

And while I'm thanking people, thanks T*lus for charging me that $45 reconnection fee even though you were 2 days late in hooking up my line. And yes, I do believe that you had 'software problems', and not that some guy went for donuts and forgot to connect me.

And while I'm complaining... my father INSISTS that I replace this answering machine that I apparently broke (while it was packed away in storage for a year)... but nobody even needs it right now. I told them I'd deal with it when someone requires use of an answering machine. But he insists I replace it. For some reason, this has made me very, very, very angry. Damnit, NOBODY NEEDS IT!

Then I'm talking with Mom, and my sister picks up the phone " *crash* Did you hear that?? Dad just broke my door frame. He is trying to make me wash the pan I put in the sink to soak. It's 11pm. I'm not washing dishes now."

What is wrong with him?

I'm never living there again. Ever.

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