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2002-06-22 @ 11:22 a.m.
White Trash

My cousin is marrying a Greek girl. We met the family last night, with the aid of wine, spanikopita, and dolmas. The aunts were loud in the sitting-room, the kids played in the sprinkler, and us 20-somethings lounged in the shade of the cottonwood drinking up the communal alcohol stocks.

An aunt turned on some music - to Z95.3. The song on the air was by Eminem. One of the divorced trailer-trashy 30-something moms started dancing.

But wait, it gets better. "Here honey, you son didn't finish his beer. He said he likes Coors Light better than this Canadian." OK, so that needs context for you to understand: the 'son' is 13 years old.

Then an inlaw, who's on strong drugs of some kind, started freaking out because the grandmas were talking so loud in their spirited conversations. I believe she left before dessert was served.

Ahh yes. And then, while sipping wine under that cottonwood, the best man commented, "There isn't anyone underage here, is there?" The only people sitting in that circle that he wasn't close friends with were me and my sister (aged 24).

So I brought my sister with me back to campus, and we went out to the pub with her b/f's roomates. One of the guys has the same birthday as me. Other than that, cool fun guys. It's been a while since I flirted with new flesh. It has also been a while since I stayed up till 3am.

Now it's 11:30 am and I'm still fighting this cold, allergies from feeding the sheep, and a hangover. It is time to start driving across this city to the cemetery. Funeral one afternoon, engagement party the other. Life's like that.

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