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2002-08-29 @ 12:46 a.m.
The Fair

We entered the gates and the first thing we heard was "Who has heartburn? Any heartburn sufferers out there?"

My sister and I headed to the designated friends-meeting-place: the Show Home. While waiting for Them to show up, we were bombarded by people from The Paper. I once again had to explain how they won't deliver to where I live. "Honestly, I would love to read the paper. But you won't deliver to me. Trust me."

We pretended to be red necks while watching the monster trucks.

I saw a guy I dated a few times this last January. The thoughts that ran through my head, in this order, were: 1.) He still is kinda cute. 2.) Damn, I remember he smelled really good. 3.) Oh yeah, he was a terrible kisser. I never called him back after about the 6th date. That night, he expressed frustration that I had not put out on the 5th date.

The Mighty Mouse is even scarier looking than ever. They still sell Those Little Donuts. Psychics, wooden sign carvers, root beer, lemonade, kabobs...

Jon wasn't impressed by the man in tights dancing with scarves. The aforementioned Paper claimed that show was superb.

Pig races were cute. The piglets were even cuter.

... and you can make salsa in a snap with the Amazing Chop Chop!

My work-crush playfully pushed me into a hedge as we walked back from coffee today. He touched my arm! :)

And he sat next to me in Lab Meeting.

Tomorrow I'm headed camping for the long weekend. Destination: Murray Lake. I'd give you a better link to some information on the lake, but I sure as heck can't find much online. This attests to its remoteness. It's gonna be all about the fishin' and the beer.
Arghh. 1am. I need to pack.


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