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Thursday, Sept. 12, 2002 @ 10:18 pm

Tick tock. Damnit, dial-up internet is painful. All I want is one song. Tick tock.

This morning was a farm planning meeting. Looks like I'll be feeding for all of December - and probably Christmas Day. But you know, I don't mind. Every other time I have committed myself to working insane hours an interesting dating option has cropped up.

Due to this meeting, I took most of the day off from the lab. I went over to the library to renew my library card. I thought: 5 minutes, in and out, I'll see nobody, sheep feeding grubbies: ok to wear Well, that was a bad idea. Campus was packed, as I should have assumed it would be. Plus, being still the first week or so of classes, all the first year girls are still dressing up and doing make-up. I felt like a huge frump. Nerdy glasses and all. I pedalled quick!!!

I finally got out of grubbies and into a proper outfit and went down to the lab around 3pm. I didn't bother to put in my contacts. I walk into the lab and this is the response: "Nice punctuality there, missy." "Did Little Bo Peep loose her sheep?" "Who's that librarian nerd?"

It was all in good humour. They love me. They love to harass me.

Tonight is packing night. We went shopping for food last night, and did the pre-trip coffee planning session on Sunday evening. Backpacking. Finally. Real Camping! The only thing I desire from this trip is to smell a lupine in that alpine meadow. One lupine, and I'll be in heaven.

Librarian nerd. Bah.

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