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Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2002 @ 12:31 am
This Thing

I came to a realization today - perhaps it should be obvious - that I have now aquired a phobia of commitment.

Jon has been calling me multiple times a day. On Saturday night/morning, he called at 3am.

...and I think I just told him the sad line I really don't have time to give you the kind of relationship that you want.

It's so easy to change your mindset. Those lapses and silences in conversations become a huge issue. The way he tries too hard. The way he has never offered to come pick me up. The way his photo album was full of hot chicks.

Ida know. There is really nothing wrong with him. I guess I need someone who just can tell me that we're going to go do This Thing and he'll pick me up in an hour. None of this wishy-washy "Do you still want to hang out or do you not like me?"

I know what it is. The real reason. Co-worker.

I had no work to do today. Co-worker overheard this and asked if I wanted to help him out with his DNA stuff. Of course, of course, I jumped at the opportunity to do molecular work and to work with him.

While explaining the protocol, his knee was touching mine. He knows. He is playing the game too.

I was still analyzing my data at 5:45pm, and he came by to tell me he was headed home. Hey, did you ride in today? I warned him that I'd worn spandex, so be warned. He replied that he'd make sure he was behind me. So once again, we cycled home together.

So I get home, and there's a message from the Friday Drinkers that everone is meeting for Ethiopain food. And that grad student (hint hint) will be there. I went. I got invited to go camping/climbing with them this weekend. Must get time off work!

When did life become so entertaining?

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