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Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2002 @ 10:22 pm

I pay for my pillaging-of-the-vineyard sins. After taking a mouthful of the perfectly tart Schuyler grapes, an earwig wriggled out the corner of my mouth. Earwig!

Oh boy, another day of flirting with you-know-who. It's constant. It's wearing. He was a bit grumpy this morning. It troubles him, I can tell. Or is this too self centered? Nah, yeah, but. He has no idea how much I adore him. Let's keep it at that. Perhaps this Friday's drinking will bring some truth.

Tomorrow night is a Gala event for the Network. If you feel playing a little game, search around that site for my name :)

Saturday night is a block party on the 'Shore.

Sunday afternoon is a co-rec ball hockey game.

They discovered a plot of very high value BC crops behind our building, inside the fence. It creeps me out. People sneaking around in the blackberries at night. I go out there to look at stars, some nights.

Something else is awry though. I can't find my writing rhythm.

Come'on stars, line up already!

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