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Thursday, Sept. 26, 2002 @ 10:48 pm
Science Geek

I value how much they trust me at work. After failing my performance review a few months ago, I vowed to not make another mistake. Today, a lot of mobilized peripheral blood came in, and they delegated me as the one to enrich it. That's approximately $600 worth of cells. Me. And I didn't screw it up, either.

I got to work at five past nine, and all the hoods in the cool-zone were taken. I had to go to the hot-zone in the corner of the lab. Alone. The afore-mentioned coworker crush asked where I was, and he immediately came to find me in the corner. "Aww you look so lonely over here! The dynamics in the cool-zone are just not the same without your sarcastic comments. Wanna come share my hood?"

I didn't. But we made faces at each other across the lab all day.

Yesterday I brought in a pail of Farm blackberries, and another coworker brought in the promised blackberry crumble today. Everyone raved over our combined efforts.

I headed straight to the Gala after work. Nylons and all. I helped out greeting people. The CEO of my company came by. I handed him his name tag without asking his name. There was not a single flinch of recognition in his eye, despite having played volleyball with him at the BBQ for an hour or so.. and jump starting his car... The two men from Sales recognized me, and chit-chatted, even if they never said my name. I wouldn't expect that. Recognition is perfectly sufficient.

The highlight of the keynote address:

"Bioterrorism is the best thing to ever happen to the biotech industry".

I schmoozed a ride back to about a 20 minute walk from home. I took off my nylons and walked through the dark. Mist rising off the fields. Tory Cassis in my ears, in my voice.

I'm here. Somehow I got to this place where money is more important than people. I can't stand to wear these clothes. Science, yeah. Business, no.

So, tomorrow in the lab, will Mr. Sales come and chit-chat? I think not. He looked good then, talking to an exec. In the lab I am nobody.

But I can enrich CD34+ cells with rockin' purity!

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