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Monday, Oct. 14, 2002 @ 8:00 pm
A Walk in the Clouds

I'm living in a daydream. The blue curtains are fluttering over my head, and I'm drifting in and out of a surreal reality.

We hiked the Grind again this morning, different people... I showed them the Secret Route... led them to the craggy cliffs that beckon you to j u m p and f l y. We sat in a row along that ledge, legs seemingly dangling into the sea, and surveyed the city.

Before supper, I walked down to the vineyard. The gate was locked and the fields were deserted. I ate the grapes off the vine, cool in the early autumn sun, and so sweet. I lay back between the trellises and felt the air move over my face. The field shimmered golden grassy waves.

This is everything I could want. It's Stealing Beauty. I can finally be Liv. I'm here just like here, dancing alone in my summer house. I'm dreaming of the olive grove, the red skirt, and the wine. The candles are burning. The grapes are heavy on the vines.

It tastes so right.

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