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Sunday, Oct. 20, 2002 @ 9:05 pm

I wish every day that I could climb up through the misty trails of Riven, glimpsing the cable cars though the trees, the great iron towers silent in the forest. If only, everyday, I could perch on that roost, listening to her and only her breathe beside me, counting the yellow deciduous trees that spatter over the adjacent curving mountains.

It's our secret, the unmarked path that is invisible where it branches from the main trail unless you know where to look.

We balance each other. She's like a gazelle, and I'm like a goat. She flies ahead, but I keep her paced so that the last stretch seems infinitely easy. She takes all the attention, yeah, and that's ok. It's always been like that, whoever my friends are at whenever time.

The tram creaks and groans over the towers. The city is ours. Light shines off the glass skyscrapers of the downtown core and fog swaths around the shore and away over the ocean. Atlantis. Rising from the sea.

We danced last night, we danced until they kicked us out. Neither of us had a single drink. She'd never been out to a real club before, never danced to hiphop. It was just us, the boys significantly nonexistant... afterall, who would hit on the white chicks in a 90% brown club? Especially if the one cute blonde chick has this near-invisible brunette dancing with her. As much as it feels like a failure to not have at least one guy smile at you on the dance floor, I come away feeling so very happy to have been sumberged in the sound system for four hours.

I'm listening to my clock tick. It's dense with fog outside. The sheep need to be checked. Deuce is snuggled on the end of my bed.

I miss the way that Chris knew everything about me. I love Miss S, I love having her as my best friend, but it's just Not The Same. There's still competition with her... I feel inferior despite the facy I am the one with a car, no roomates, and an ability to dance.

Life would be so much more simple without good looking people.

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