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Sunday, Oct. 27, 2002 @ 11:27 am
Parade of Lost Souls

There is so much to do, yet I'm here downloading songs at 1.4 kb/min. So. Slow.

Gotta clean the Piggery in preparation for the party on Friday. Must finish off the forms for Vet school. Must get produce. Ball hockey game at noon. Must clean kitchen. Must do all this before I have to feed the animals supper.

Karen and I went over to Commercial Drive last night to scamper around in the dark. Thousands of other freaks were out whooping it up. I got to our meeting place about 15 minutes early, so I just stood on the corner in my full-out witch's outfit. People would walk by and just start chit chatting. It was like I was part of the hired entertainment.

When we got too cold, she headed over to her boyfriends. I headed back to the 'Shore to find The Party that always happens. Sure enough, it was going on. I stopped by home to change into my 'indoors costume' that doesn't require bundling up underneath.

I had a creative moment that afternoon.

I walked into the party and two drunk people cried in unison: "The Paper Bag Princess!"

I won best costume.

The fireman was hitting on me. Which is odd. Odd that there is someone at the party that isn't one of the usuals. Odd that he's hitting on the chick that appears to be wearing nothing but a paper bag dress and a paper crown... I just found out that one of the other girls was making out with him after I left. She's... she's... oh. well. If he was making out with her, then his attention to me is nearly an insult.

Ahh well. I had fun chasing after everyone and slaying them with my floppy paper sword.

Dave caught me off guard at one point and kissed me on the nose. "It's so good to see you."

Yeah. Things just never change with that group.

"You are just soooooo cool. Paper bags. You rock. I'm so drunk."

"ARE you wearing anything underneath that?"

Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me.

Mmmmm. Happy.

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