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Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2002 @ 7:09 pm
But he still has a girlfriend.

Miss S tells me that she's jealous of how my boy situation appears to be working out while hers has gone to hell.

Our relationships tend to mirror each others. When Chris and I were breaking up last fall, so did her and her long-term boyfriend. We both had mini-relationships in January which ended on the basis of us not wanting to Put Out.

And now recently, both involved with older men who have out-of-town girlfriends. Hers ended in flames this weekend. She found him having sex with another chick from work at a house party.

But things with G and I are a little different. Am I just more accepting of an alternative relationship?

Things are changing though, and for the better. I met up with G and his friends at a local pub after going to see Blue Crush with some school friends. I had a drink and just chitchatted with the guys. The bar closed at midnight, and we walked back to where I'd parked: strategically near his apartment.

He invited me in.

But it was not like that at all. We sat on separate couches and talked about life, the future, happiness, the past... I was falling asleep, and he let me stay there overnight. He went to his own bed.

It was very eerie, hearing him breathing in the room next door. I wondered if he was thinking about me lying there in my underwear under a comforter on his couch. He came in the morning to wake me up. We ate miniwheats together.

In our talk last Friday night, we agreed that we need to take a step back, build the friendship, and see where it goes. It surprised me last night that he is serious about getting to know me better with my clothes on.

It makes me really, really happy to think that I just, perhaps, might be someone he wants a real relationship with.

There is something fated about it too. The office was rearranged today, and the planner decided that he and I are now going to share a desk.

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