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Wednesday, Nov. 06, 2002 @ 11:42 pm

One phrase can stir up your entire snowglobe of confidence.

"Omar wants to know if you're coming to his place tonight.. Eric's been asking about you."

This is G talking to Cora at work. Cora is the type of girl that never would have talked to me in highschool. I can't stand the way she talks - almost every sentence containing a cliche. She's very tall. She's thin. She looks good in clothes. She laughs at the guy's jokes. I can see why they'd want her around.

Eric. I was talking to him last night for quite a while. He seemed normal, nice, smart... and now's he into Cora. Bastard.

Jealousy is entirely evil.

Oh well. I'll live. My personality is entirely more cool than hers.

In other news, Captain Zoom's brakes still don't work in the rain. Especially after drinks at the Gallery. Chain link fences are surprisingly forgiving.

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