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Saturday, Nov. 16, 2002 @ 2:13 am
My hand is between your legs.

So much to tell. The last 12 hours.. have been.. interesting.

I'm just back from cleaning up a newborn lamb. They sure do love to arrive after midnight. It was all slippery cool, and I could feel her heart beat rapidly as I snipped the cord. I watched her first hobbling steps and watched her search for her first taste of milk.

It's not beautiful at all. But it's completely wonderful.

We went for sushi today, to celebrate G's last day in the Lab. He starts at the Office on Monday.

We also went for Beers to celebrate further. I'd call this Super Beers. $220 between 6 people. And one of those people's is me.. who is completely sober... because I had the night shift lambing. Yeow. Watching drunk co-workers is Super Entertaining. Everyone is quite sore about G's leaving. The dynamics of the lab will shift. They also are sad that I'm leaving, which shocks me, because I feel like I don't really add much to the group. But the more I think about it, I provide fuel for so many jokes. And my once-in-a-while comments really switch up the conversation.

This, this conversation was the keystone of the night, for both me and G:

L: "So, G, what is the youngest that you would date?"

G: "25"

L: "Not 20? I'd say you could date down to 20!"

G: "Nah, chicks younger than 25 have issues, are too into themselves..."

L: "But what about Shannon?"

G: *silence* (I'm sitting next to him) "She's atypical of her age. I'd say she's as old as you are, and you're what? 26?"

L: "Yes. I agree. So, I'm just trying to make a point here [about how fucked his relationship with Winnipeggy is] ... IF you were presented with a situation with a willing female.. say.. Shannon!... would you take it?"

G: *is speechless* (I'm nearly choking on my beer) "I can't say either way."

This went on for at least 45 minutes, L analyzing his relationship and how it's simply a waste of time.

I felt extreme power at that moment.

The gist of it is: He's afraid of commiting because his last g/f of 9 years left him to move out of town. He was crushed by her and is now thinking that he'll never get married, afraid that She will never be fully committed to him.

Do they know that something has gone on??? It's creeping me out.

I drove R and G home in G's truck. G sat in the middle, and I shifted gears with the stick between his legs. 4th gear... mmm... heheheh We dropped R off first, then G told me to drive myself home and he'd hang out until he was sober enough to take himself home.

He came to scout out the labour situation for the night, then I eventually walked him out to the gate. Nothing happened. Nothing. We laughed about the awkwardness of that situation. He told me to call him tomorrow, to let him know when I'd be heading to R's party.

I have this feeling that this so-called shit will hit the fan tomorrow night: I think they know, and I think they are going to call us on it.

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