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Monday, Nov. 25, 2002 @ 8:45 pm
SUV: Superbly Unstable Vehicle

See, I nearly got smushed by an SUV this morning.

It's a Mazzy Star kinda night.

See, it was all a matter of seconds. There's a halo over my head, someone watching. Someone cares. Or else I'm just a friggin lucky little girl.

So this morning I went to get my commuter bike from the hallway, and the back tire was flat. Again. I had to change the tube last Thursday after work. I must not have pulled every last chunk of glass out of the rubber.

So this made me stop for a couple seconds, deciding whether to take Captain Zoom on such a fantastic journey or whether to just drive. I decided on Zoom. I unlocked him and started out on the frost-frosted roads.

So I'm heading down 16th. There is a huge grassy median down the middle of the highway-like stretch of road though the park.

When suddenly...

A huge black SUV come FLYING over the median. Towards me. It lands on it's two left tires, bounces onto the driver's side, bounces onto it's roof, crushes the roof and slides to a stop just a few meters in front of me. I'd brought Zoom to a screeching halt, and we sat there stunned into paralysis.

It was surreal. I was the only one on the road right at that time. It was so slow but so fast. It left me feeling cold and empty. The Accident Feeling. It made me start to shake. The images of my accident started to surface.

The chick inside escaped out the passenger side. People appeared with cell phones. I left before the cops came. Nobody knew that I was the only one there to see it. Nobody knew how close that thing came to me. I don't know what happened on the other side.

If my tire hadn't been flat this morning... if I hadn't taken that 2 seconds to switch bikes...

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