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Friday, Nov. 29, 2002 @ 12:52 am

Dave's band had a show tonight.

He called and left a message on Monday night telling me to call him for tickets and 'just to chat because we never do that anymore'. I considered calling him, and then the smart part of me resisted. Then at 7pm tonight the dumb part of me was driving across the city to meet people at the club.

I hung out in the Village for a bit, chilling with the old coffee shop crew, before we all headed down to the show. He was surprised to see me walking in the door - as was everyone else who 'haven't seen me in months!'.

Quite interesting: Dave approached the group, spotted me, walked around the entire group, came up beside me and started to reach for a hug. In front of everyone. Actually, I'm wondering who in the now-evolved group knows what happened.

This I overheard, from a girl that I've only met a couple times before: "She's looking for a nice guy, right? Well, Dave's a nice guy! Why don't they go out?"

I was impressed with their band. Super versatile. The singer is a little annoying, but then again, lead singers tend to have egos. I watched him play solid bass. Completely shy of the lights, nervous as hell. And still the guy that everyone loves to be around.

After their set his parents walked past me. I smiled at his Mom, who recognized me after a few seconds, then his dad actually waved at me. I loved hanging out with him and his parents... sailing over to Bowen Island... drinking and listening to Dave and his dad play the guitar... blueberry tea after a long day on the ski hill...

I miss him. I'm not sure I've ever really talked with someone as intensely as I used to with Dave. What is wrong with him? Why did I end that awesome thing we had? We camped, we walked out in the rain, he would fall alseep on my tummy as I studied on weeknights. He brought me flowers when I told him to leave. I'd fall asleep on his shoulder every time we would rent a movie. He'd play songs for me if I insisted enough. He kept that first handfull of wildflowers I gave him when he was sick in Month Two.. pinned up above his bed, note still attached with my carefully tied green ribbon.

Maybe later. After Europe. After school. When I have time for something.

I can't be stuck in What Was. It Was. And now it's all about Tomorrow.

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