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Sunday, Dec. 01, 2002 @ 1:18 am
Mini Tour

I had an awesome run tonight. The streets were wet, and the fog was just so easy to breathe. I started my Christmas shopping today. Nearly finished it too. One store to go to tomorrow and I'll be done, which is good because after tomorrow I'm working every single day until school starts in January.

Here is evidence that I CAN be a keener. It's a quality that I haven't practiced since grade 12.


And since I've shown you my ugly-ass couch, you may as well see my evil plant that's gonna take over. Note lovely high ceilings and Starbucks sign rescued from Josie and the Pussycats set: a relic from when I was still with In The Biz Chris:


And any show-and-tell is not complete without kitty cat pictures. Missy Mew is busy leaving her fur over everything:


AND finally. This was my ride home last night after drinks. I took a wee detour through the woods. My headlamp is wicked. Soooo anyone wanna stalk me now? I need some excitement in my life.

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