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Monday, Dec. 09, 2002 @ 9:32 pm
Shame on you, Billboard.

I turned on TV tonight. Being sick for the first time in a while.. no energy to read or walk... so I succumbed to TV. I have 5 channels and this is what I experienced:

Channel 2 - Is fuzzy. Too lazy to adjust rabbit ears. Appears to be Christmas cartoon drivel - only puppet styled Xmas stories are worth watching. One exception: the Grinch. Click.

Channel 6 - Laugh track. Must be bad. Click.

Channel 8 - Cookie dough commercial. Too impatient to wait. Click.

Channel 10 - 5th Wheel! Eh. All the chicks are skanky. The dudes seem fake. Keeps my attention all the way up until they vote and end up in happy couples. Barf. Click.

Channel 12 - What? Bobby Brown does pot? Hey I do too! What a coincidence! Ummm they're taking his daughter away? *Realization that this is sensationalized American news program used to shape minds of uneducated trailer park residents* Click.

-Intermission: Telephone Call-


Back to Channel 10 - Creed is winning Best Group/Duo of the Year. Click OFF.

People were telling me that I was pale all day so I'm going to be really sick tomorrow and take the day off. And meet a boy downtown for lunch :)

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