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Saturday, Dec. 14, 2002 @ 5:58 pm
Mew Mew

My body hurts from too much vodka last night. But my legs were flying this morning... 10k jog. It feels awesome to be strong. Screw being skinny. I'm almost ready for another Christmas party tonight. 'Tis the season.

Deuce gets jealous when I type. He climbs right up there in the middle of the keyboard to get some hand action.


I walked to the party last night across the city... from Science World to the West End. Christmas lights are strung on the cranes... on the boats in the marina.. and on that tree on Beach. The jellyfish tree! One week left at the co-op job. Three real working days, and thursday/friday will be write-offs. I get a going away lunch (which I protested against). Maybe I'll get a thank-you gift. Maybe not.

I'm going home tomorrow night to help the fam put up the tree. Which means I'll be putting up the tree while Dad is downstairs watching TV, Mom is making shortbread and Karen listens to hiphop crap rap in her room with the door shut. They better have some rum for that eggnog I know it sitting in the fridge "just in case company comes over".

Tradition if comforting. Even if it's not perfect.

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