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Monday, Dec. 16, 2002 @ 11:06 pm
One week 'till I'm 22

You'd think that a grown man with an engineering degree would know how to put lights up on a Christmas tree and how to use a vacuum cleaner. It really makes me wonder about Dad when he throws temper tantrums about a supposedly family-bonding tradition. It feels like I'm watching a sit-com, laughing on the inside/outside.

I slipped away to work on this jigsaw puzzle, leaving them to argue over proper light rigging techniques. Someone gave us this mexican puzzle of 99 bottles of beer. Just the distraction I needed! Half and hour later I'd finished it... "That's been there a week and now it's simply done??" I am a puzzle master.

We were hanging up the ornaments (after Dad stormed off to their room and slammed the door) and I came across one of my favourites. Mom comments, "Ugh put that one back in the box. I don't think we need to put up the ugly ornaments anymore." I was shocked! This was one of my favourites! It's a little wooden angel holding a little evergreen tree. It looks Swedish or European. Like a little Noddy doll. (Do you remember Noddy?) "What's wrong with her?" "She's boring. She's dull." "You are like a crow - things have to sparkle for you to like them." "They were freebies from Canadian Tire!" "I still like her. She's going on front and centre."

I escaped the going away party. They found funding to keep me working Tues/Thurs for the next semester.

Honestly, though, it's very strange to be at home. Three hours is enough for a while. Those people seem so slow and out of touch with logical thinking. They just don't get it. Anything.

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