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Monday, Jan. 06, 2003 @ 4:15 pm

Guess who's in one of my classes??!!!! Lab Partner Crush!!!! I thought.. that.. I'd lost any hope of seeing him again... This rocks. It's soo nice to be on campus again, all that walking around, all the faces to look at... the latest clothing styles to check out.. the sweet chlorinated air of the aquatic center... damn. It's good to be back.

Last night was the final holiday feasting session with the usual in-town family. Yet another night of Chinese food. Hey at least we are loyal to that place. Even if the waitresses never get the jokes we toss at them.

Ahh the fortune cookie read:

Whatever you do now must be done wholeheartedly.

Granny's first response to that was "Oh how dull." And then the conversation started around the table about wholeheartedly feeding sheep and hearding chickens... and then Granny exclaims "Fling that manure high into the air!".

Uh huh. Have another dubonnet, granny.

I guess they forget that I do other things than shovelling manure...

But I suppose that fortune means that I should get passionate about school this term.

I also got to be the brunt of another joke when my step cousin gave my sister a hug goodbye. He looks over at me and says, "Oh I better hug you since I hugged your sister." After they left I was harassed for being given a charity hug.

"Ohh Oooh look at this picture from Christmas.. the only thing that makes up for the terrible expression on his face is all that LEG from missy on the left!" I wore a knee length dress on christmas. I guess the wine had taken full effect at that point as I slouched down into Turkey Snooze mode.

And then...

I decided it was a good night to show the 'rents my lovely new barbell that Miss S gave me for xmas/bday (gotta love those people who combine the gifts). I thought that they were open minded people. Apparently not. Especially not Dad. "Great. Four years of university education and she decideds to become a skid. Take it out, you freak. Self Mutilator! Dumb." I am saddened by his small khaki and volkswagon world. Mom's reaction: "Its gonna get infected and you will have a scar!" But overall, I think she was just happy it wasn't my tongue/eyebrow/nose. Seriously, Mom, I don't think that someone who's looking for blemishes on my body is going to be too focussed on a little belly button scar when it's right below that 3 inch zipper-like monster.

Hideous Monster or Damn Fine 6-Pack

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