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Wednesday, Jan. 08, 2003 @ 6:23 pm
Terminally Shy

He's in my medgen course too. He looked up in my direction in bio and we made eye contact, and he half-smiled at me.

I hate being so fucking shy.

He's always with his advisor friends - all of them normal looking girls. Talking to him is probably not going to happen.

God that sounds so grade 10.

It's good to have 2 courses to look forward too, though.

Once again I'm noticing how courses all blend together certain themes. Evolution ties into cancer. Canadian geographical history ties in with family diversity.

The geography building smells exactly like the highschool math portable. It's a good thing I liked math, or else that place would reek.

Why do so many cell phones go off in artsy classes while rarely do they go off in science courses? Simply an observation. Could just be an artifact.

I ventured into the depths of Main on my break today... oh such plots create themselves in my brain. The little stairwells, the musty smells, the creaking sounds of ghosts. Oh the stacks. Some books look antique.. fabric bound, soft yellowed pages... Libraries are nearly as vibrant as the airport.

So heavily loaded with books, I'm grounded. Steady.

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