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Saturday, Jan. 11, 2003 @ 3:38 pm

So I'm piddling through my saturday morning routine of brushing hay out of my hair, flipping banana pancakes and chatting on msn when I realize that I now have to STUDY. Damn. I miss piddling all day!

I had a ditz moment yesterday in medgen. I walked in and there's a girl making eye contact with me saying, "Hey I didn't know you were in this class! What's going on?!" I had no idea who this was. At all. Her voice finally clicked and then her face did (behind her glasses). It's just the wrong place to be seeing her... she's a grad student... this is a 400 level class. It makes sense now.. but... no.. I've only hung around with her after drinking lots. That's what was different.

She's very extroverted. This will be an asset in a class with Mr Nerdy Sexy ex-lab partner.

We were walking back to the building where she works (where I used to) and this other dude started walking with us (he's new in her lab. he's been in my classes for the last 4 years). She introduced us. I said, "I know. We've been in classes." She decided to be a geek and tell him that I was very smart. He's like, "Oh yeah?" I said, "No, he's in a league of smartness above me." "How do you know this??" he asks. "Because when you ask questions it doesn't sound like you're speaking english." "You remember what questions I've asked??" "I'm observent." I think I wigged him out.

Too bad I'm not observant enough to recognize her out of the setting of beer and music.

I am disappointed in the colour of liquid Sunlight detergent. It's indigo!!! WTF? I want yellow. Lemon is not blue!

Check out the highlighter than someone at work thoughtfully brought back from a conference in Philidelphia for me! Nifty, eh? Three colours in perhaps the least ergonomic style possible. I keep imagining how it would fly dangerously through the air, coloured tip over coloured tip, like a throwing star, towards that profs head.

Highlighting has never been so much fun!

I have funky thumbs.

Silly saw the firey star too!!!!!!!!

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