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Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2003 @ 8:35 pm
P A R T Y !

In continuance of posting pictures that I really shouldn't be... (hey that 1-2-3 pic of him was originally posted on their nerdy Beer Hall of Fame website)... and speaking of nerdiness...

Christmas party pic #1: We wore tissue culture plates on our heads. The bubble wrap is supposed to be a neurosphere. I went camping with the girl who's 2nd from right (who's sporting her hat at a jaunty angle). Guess who's on my left? (I made a rudolph neurosphere).


Now, lets zoom in on a special part of that picture: Oh Boy! Is that an arm around my waist??!! Forever logged on the company hard drive. Check out our nerdy Personal (Product) Information Sheets. Mine is [email protected] It gave the old men employees a great excuse to come and look very closely at the ladies' chests. Whoever thought of the placards wasn't quite thinking hard enough. Plus, nobody understood our inside jokes. Want me to read mine to you?

"The introverted media.
Fresh air required to maintain sanity of this product.
Support medium: raingear, vodka, farm animals.
Differentiation medium: invasion of personal space in her head.
Proliferation Medium: close proximity to ocean and to guys with long hair."

Damn, that was some excellent shiraz.


I had another performance review today. Apparently my strenths are initiative taking, productivity, creativity and social interaction. My weaknesses are technical writing skills and oral communication. Overall, I scored 'above average'. Much better than last time when I failed. Unfortunatelly I screwed up my experiment today. Whoops.

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