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Thursday, Jan. 16, 2003 @ 9:34 pm
Goma Ah-Eh eh?

Days are going by so quickly. Things that once seemed so far in the future are looming (or blooming) so close to my nose. Midterms... (!!)... are so quick this year... or is it just that time is going so so quick. Weeks are accelerating, staying at work till 7 nearly every day then sleeping after school because it's habit.

Tuesdays used to be movies and now they are readings and procrastination and phone conversations (that add up to more than a movie anyhow.. quite silly..).

In this spinning whirl of gears there is time to think though. Much time. The more I think about dating in the group of friends, the more obviously it becomes a bad idea. I do not doubt that that opinion will change after a few drinks at a party however. No. No. I've kept my promises to myself with others. This one is not an option.

I did make resolutions this year. Lets see... there was the resolution to donate to the food bank at the end of every grocery shopping trip. That has already begun and I'll keep it up. It's something for me and something for them. Second resolution is to practice guitar every day. Seems like that one is very easy to keep... the more I play.. the better I sound.. the more I want to play. Next year I'll be resolving to waste less time on that one. The third resolution is to fit into jeans 2 sizes smaller.

I've been thinking, though, that I need to change that last one. The real thing I need to work on is learning to to talk to people randomly on the bus, learning to chitchat with the cashier, and learning to talk to people in classes. I used to believe that I was just quiet, and that I wasn't really shy, but lately I'm realizing how long it takes for me to be comfortable enough with someone to joke around and be myself. Too long. And THAT is my last resolution.

(This guy is funky. And he really does talk a lot... he wasn't kidding. Somehow I think I managed to come across as not a silent wallflower. It's awesome, how some people bring out different parts of your personality.)

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