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Monday, Jan. 20, 2003 @ 8:59 pm

I've got three more papers to get through before I go to sleep tonight and the baby won't stop crying...

Yesterday was a foggy hazy disconnected day of assignments, readings and article searching. I kept falling asleep. There were dreams of ski hills and shopping carts, and the theme music was that incessant baby screaming. The Red Bucket had its revenge in the form of a massive red headache.

Finally at 9 I decided that fresh air would probably be good. I love how a mixed CD from so long ago can put you back in that exact same feeling kind-of-place.

This afternoon I called up a 'Shore friend who'd been in Vegas all week. Funny how she had been out of town.. yet still had managed to hear all the gossip.

"Did you hear about Dave? He spent the night in jail. They were really drunk down at BP watching the game last week, and he went out for a smoke. He apparently decided to start removing the plates from a police cruiser. The cops said he was yelling out crazy delusional things in the cell all night.

"His parents were starting to worry that his drinking is getting out of hand... and this was before the jail incident."

It is sad, I know. But I laughed. I'm sorry, Dave, you simply are not pulling together in the same way in that you describe to me. Sure, your band is finally getting gigs but you lost your job... and I don't consider two courses a heck of a headstart on college.

It really doesn't matter though... well... it reminds me to not get involved with sketchy people in the future.

Halleluja the baby fell asleep.

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