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Thursday, Feb. 06, 2003 @ 10:22 pm
Putting Two and Two Together

I confronted G today about him calling me immature.

I also mentioned the rumours that are flying about him and the CA chick.

It was an intense conversation. There were those moments where you mind goes blank and your heart thumps because you know what they are saying is the truth, and it hurts. But it's the truth so you can't do anything about it.

He was extremely defensive about the rumours. He starting tearing into me until I simply said "I didn't start the rumours. I just am telling you what I heard." I'm not sure why he's so defensive about it. I know he sleeps around. I know he likes tall women. I know the way she looks at him. He's kept stuff from me before 'to protect me' and I'm quite positive that this is the same thing. He would have just laughed at the rumours if they were false.

The conversation did lighten, but I'm still undecided if I want to head to the Whip tomorrow night as originally planned. I'm not sure I can handle him flirting with her.

It's going to take a while to get over one of the hurtful things he said. I should have known. Lessons Learned. Cliche'd to death. One ounce less immature from what he taught me.

He's damn curious about my life, though, for some strange reason. I'm not letting him back in. I do wonder, though, which of the things he ever said were lies or were the truth.

Oh what the hell. Stop analyzing things to death. Stop being so jealous.

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