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Saturday, Feb. 22, 2003 @ 1:38 am
Oh the irony.

So last night we were cruising the highway and a song came on the radio that was the cue to call for a contest. I'm driving. She calls. We win tickets to a rock show.

We spend our evening playing pool down at the pub, drinking the honey lager that's on special, and singing along to a surprisingly good set of music from a 40-something DJ. We ran into a boy from Rainbucket (one of the co-ed nerdy scout camps). Last time I saw him he was an awkward pudgy boy. Now he's tall and manly!

Anyhow, we meet up downtown tonight before the show. We meet early with the idea of going for coffee. Instead, we went for predrinks at the strip club.

Eventually we head to the show and get up there in the front row. Decent music. Interesting crowd.

After the three bands finished, dancing began. We danced for about an hour and then left when 4 chicks started stripping on the stage.

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