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Thursday, Feb. 27, 2003 @ 7:23 pm

Hi Shannon,

I'll still try to get volunteers for those night checks, but if I don't get anybody, I might get back to you on your offer. As for the ewe on Monday night: I don't know, if you have heard yet, but she died Tuesday night and I got in quite some trouble about the way I handled the abortion (I disposed of the lambs without prior consulting the veterinarian; I tried to contact him Tuesday afternoon, but he called back at 5 pm, when I was home already; on Wednesday morning the ewe was dead and the vet became very upset with me - well, too bad. But nice to know, that at least someone appreciated my actions; and anytime something like that happens, please feel free to call me, that's what I am on call for!)



The cherry trees are blooming.

After listening through my 54-40 CD on the commute today, I've decided that they actually will be OK for an ACF. It's amazing how a change of mindset makes everything peachy keen.

One of my midterms tomorrow has been cancelled. That's a HUGE relief, and I no longer feel guilty for drinking/working so much over the break.

I will be missing my grad ceremony at the end of May. Now that was a tough choice to make: stay around town for a month for one blurry picture of me shaking Ms Piper's hand, or fly out early May to spend the month examining Egyptian artifacts in the Louvre? Undergrad just is not a big deal to me. Everybody expected me to get it, and I have. I didn't struggle to pay for it... I only pulled a couple all-nighters... my average out of grade 12 attested to my nerdy lifestyle.. and paved my way to the university of my choice. Really, it doesn't feel like much of an accomplishment.

So, another farm story. People from the Research Centre down the road kept calling the farm telling us to come retrieve our 'chickens'. I went down to investigate one afternoon, and sure enough, two roosters were rooting around in the leaf litter beside the parking lot. BUT they were not the breeds we keep. These were ornamental-type bantams with beautiful shimmering mustard yellow feathering. I guess the other live-in decided to go catch them, as they appeared a couple days ago in the aviary. The first morning of their stay, one of them started crowing very loudly at 5am. On. The. Dot. And has been doing so ever since.

No WONDER someone ditched them off at the edge of the woods.

My ingenius plan of not buying groceries (in an effort to save money) for the next two months has broken down somewhat. It was going good for two weeks, but I'm not sure how many more nights I can eat eggs, tuna, pickles, and/or green beans. It was when the fruit vanished that things started to decline logarithmically. But the challenge is set. I've gotta find some parties this weekend to get a junk-food fix. Perhaps I'll go home for supper.

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