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Saturday, Mar. 08, 2003 @ 10:58 am
Farm to Myself


Neighbours are away on the island.
No kids screaming, just roosters crowing.
I'll be up the coast next weekend with an old friend from Guides.
Wake up to the waves.
We'll talk and walk and make a salmon dinner.

Sarah's leaving tomorrow.
We went out last night,
Probably last night of this year I hang out with the Grad students.
Andrew bought me a drink.
And it's all coming to an end.

"Andrew's really really drunk, you know."

Thanks. So the only reason he'd buy me a drink is under the influence of beer goggles. Thanks, Sare, thanks.

"Oh yeah, and Chris asked if Captain Zoom had a phone. I gave him your email."

Some days I adore him and other days I think he's a moron. He won't email. He's a guy.

Crap the cat is crawling all over the keyboard:

He likes that hyphen key.

Karen is coming to Europe for at least 9 weeks of the trip. Good = clubbing in Spain! Bad = she sleeeeeeeps in.

I hung out at the TA Rally yesterday. There was BLUE sky and fat fluffy cottonball snowflakes swirling around like some crazy upside down snowglobe. A CBC reporter interviewed me. It felt good to have my voice heard. We are being overlooked in all this mess... paying for this nonexistant education, paying with money and with time... and now the libraries gone? Perhaps? I still have 2 papers to research.

The smoking fires in the oil drums were a nice touch, especailly combined with the 70s revolution-type music. AKA Forrest Gump soundtrack.

There were two beefy volunteers in the barn yesterday morning helping shear. One is coming out tomorrow morning to be my slave. Oh yeah.

Six more sleeps until Halfmoon Bay. Nothing beats a weekend escape on the ferries. We're talking about checking out the hotel bar on the Sat night. Mmmmmm. Country music and small town flannel-clad folk.

I saw you on a poster in the old CompSci building!

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