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Tuesday, Mar. 11, 2003 @ 7:35 pm

Things to be happy about:

-Awesome experiment which I didn't screw up
-Journal Club and its free grapes and cheese
-Sleeping in past 6:30am
-Sober invitation from him to come over to try his French Onion Soup (subtle sexual hint given he's French Canadian hmmm)
-Less than a month to Arts County
-Random girl complementing my glasses (could have been a pick-up line. unsure)
-Magenta sky up above the trees when I rode home
-Muddy tracts of forest floor:

Perfect Mud Freckles

Things to be not happy about:

-Midterm rescheduled to last week of March
-TA's picketing IRC tomorrow
-Talk of semester lengthening
-3am pregnant ewe check

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