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Thursday, Mar. 20, 2003 @ 11:44 pm
Life goes on here as usual...

I ran into Mel on campus yesterday. She was riding her "It's fluorescent green because I got it in grade 7" mountain bike and I was riding my "It's ladies frame because I found it in a shrubbery" road bike.

It was raining so I had to put my runners to the pavement like Fred Flinstone to stop.

We were discussing how sad/funny it will be in September.. when Kare and I get back from travelling and she also moves back home to The Block after completing her Masters thesis... us three girls all out of school and unemployed just like back in 1983. Only this time we are two feet taller. With drivers licences.

No, it will be nice. It's not like we're going to run around the block with plastic bags on our feet... or play crack the egg on her orange trampoline... or make trips down to Peter Rabbit for fuzzy peaches... but it's the idea that we could.

What makes it even more funny is that Kare's hair is growing out back long and dark brown again.. Mel once again got purple glasses... and my bangs seem to get cut thicker and thicker each month... We all went though our personal style changes in University, and now we are reverting back to our pre-highschool styles. Not completely, but ever so slightly.

The point of the above anecdote was supposed to be this: I'm looking forward to being back on my home turf, and I'm very very lucky to have grown up where I did. I love Melissa so much, I adore everything about her. I wish I could live her life. I wish I could live in her family. I wish I could have a boyfriend like hers... But in reality that would suck because she's not me. She doesn't understand music. She doesn't understand swimming in the ocean. And I'd hate myself if I were so Left Wing for the Sake of Being Left Wing. Do you know any of these people? People who choose left before they learn all the facts about both sides... She was so quick to support the TAs... and then once I showed her how the salary data could be manipulated to show different results... she lessened her support. Both sides lied a little. I love her because she's like that too, though. She just wants the people in the world to be happy and healthy.

I went into Richm0nd Centre this evening for FOUR hours looking for an appropriate dress to wear to the wedding on saturday. I've lived in this city for 22 years and only in the past year have I started to go beyond Ikea in Richm0nd. I got lost trying to get back across to Vancouver, which surprised me because people are usually amazed at my navigation skills. I realized it was because I couldn't see the mountains.

Getting lost really teaches you the layout of a part of the city.

Cute couples have been cropping up all over the place. It's a spring thing - kissing sweetly on street corners under umbrellas. The longer I stay single the more these couples freak me out. Couples. Coupledom. Couple Arrest. Yeah, I don't think I'll be dating for a few years.

I told this to a long-time long-distance friend last night on ICQ and he had this to say:

"well i think you'd be an incredible girlfriend, whenever you're ready :) ... "

He's nearly more naive than I am. He has no idea what I'm really like. Smiley face. Pukey smiley face.

I did think about him as the planes flew low over to the airport on the way home tonight. Pukey smiley face and all.

The new catalogue was published. Here is one of my snazzy contributions:

Nerdy Science Stuff

You only wish you could separate cells with such finesse.

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