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Sunday, Mar. 23, 2003 @ 1:13 am
Греческая Свадьба

Things like this need to be documented.

I headed over early, because I knew that I'd want to stop down by the runway to watch the planes. The sun came out today - when the forecast was for torrential rain - but the sun came out, full sun that makes everything steam. Then above the steam the airplanes descend and bump onto the runway. The windsocks stretch out straight and striped in the gusting wind.

Karen and I arrived at the Chapel at the same time. We were the first to arrive. In the back we sat, trying to figure out which side was the Groom's family and which was supposed to be the Bride's. The stained glass stained her face in colours. I took her picture just because... she's so beautiful. She knows it too. She has no doubt. And when that flash went off I could see the future, and I saw her in a veil and a white satin gown.

The chapel filled up. Mom and Dad came in and went to the front. I saw Mom looking around for us, but then the March started. There's my cousin, my aunt...

Snap snap I take photos of faces around the chapel. Zoom in to the flowers on a pew and the little chin resting on the back. Eyes wide. One patent leather shoe on the ground beneath the bench.

It's over quick and we blow bubbles as they walk down the steps of the church. A man obliviously walks his dog right though the middle of our scene. Sorry: their scene.

(In between the ceremony and the reception I Air Cared the van. It passed. I'm quite convinced wearing heels is the ticket to a Pass.)

Up in the hotel room we wait for the reception to start. There is a pseudo-aunt there who exclaims, "Gee I wouldn't have recognized you but for that huge smile!" Then she whispers something to Karen and she beams and proudly quips, "I've not eaten in two days due to nerves."

I watch her MC'ing the reception and wonder how we turned out so different. Her co-MC came to talk to us later in the night and was surprised that I was her sister. Then there was the aunt-twice-whatever that held my chin and looked all at my face to discern the Russian parts. Not much luck besided the nose.

The Lord's Prayer was recited in Greek and then in Russian.

And then the Greek dancing began.

And then the small-town BC traditional music began: country. I boot-scootin'-boogied with dad, then Shania'd with Mom.

The best man, I met before at the Engagement BBQ last summer. A mini-crush developed that afternoon, and the crush grew larger tonight. I was miffed, but not surprised, that he blankly looked at me when I stood in front of him during the recieving line. We later danced to Shaggy.

But watching their First Dance, and listening to him tell her that she's everything he ever looked for in a soul mate... How can that not make you wish a little bit for love?

I wished a little even when I stepped back from the airborne bouquet.

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