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Tuesday, Mar. 25, 2003 @ 4:22 pm

Remeber this cabin/outhouse?

Well, it is coming closer to becoming a reality The chef in my inbox yesterday was only the beginning of my luck for the day:

Hello Shannon:

Greetings from "The Outhouse" in Canada. You've submitted an application for an internship at our centre and I wanted to let you know where that stands.

We received nearly 200 applications this year! I've now developed a short list of about 20 candidates who appear to have a good fit with our program. Congratulations, you've made it to our short list. Sadly, I now have to reduce this to ten final candidates.

To that end, I'll be interviewing by phone over the next few days. Will you email me back and let me know the following:

1) Are you still available
2) What's the best time of day to reach you
3) What's the best phone number
4) How late in the season would you be available? My most difficult to fill time slots are during the latter half of August, September and October (many candidates are university students who must go back to school).
5) Having said that, we have mostly seals in the late summer and early fall. Are you wanting to have more experience with birds or seals?

Looking foward to talking to you soon


Outhouse Administrator

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