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Wednesday, Mar. 26, 2003 @ 9:34 pm

I paid $100 for my passport to travel to Montreal for a couple weeks. I wish I could have gone too!


I am editing the last essay I will ever write in undergraduate university. It's nearly sad. I'm going to miss having my writing academically critiqued. Bah, I know when I write well. This isn't one of those days. All I can think about is Ireland, the beaches in Ireland, riding horses on the beach in Ireland, riding horses on the beach in Ireland WITH an Irish boy. OK, so I'm thinking about Irish boys. And horses. And beaches.



A guest from Saturday's wedding uploaded some digital pictures from the night. The side of half my face is in one pictrue, but my sister's breast is obscuring the rest of me. Like you care, but here are a couple from the event:

Note my nerdy navy van in the back here.

Not the limo

This one just cause I think it's cute. That's my cousin, his new wife, and his daughter from a previous relationship. She's the only blood relative I have that's younger than me.

How cute.

Here's Aurora again. Ha.

Demon Child

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