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Tuesday, Apr. 01, 2003 @ 10:43 pm

The IT guys came today to install the promised high speed internet.

It was promised last fall. Beats me why they decide to install it just months before the Farm is abandoned.

Anyhow, so I guess they only managed to drill holes in the wall today. I arrive home and my furniture is ever-so slightly rearranged (ie: you slam your shins into every sharp corner you own). There's a pile of drywall dust and a neat little hole between my suite and the next.

I kneel down and look straight into their apartment. Their 3-year old daughter is playing with her tea set on the floor.

I rummage though the jumble basket to find the bubbles from the wedding. Again I kneel down at the hole... and blow...

Shrieks of laughter!

Ha. Kids are the best.

But seriously, those IT guys are evil. High speed internet just 2 weeks before exams start. Productivity will exponentially decrease as soon as they put the wires though that Bubble Hole.

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