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Friday, Apr. 04, 2003 @ 2:41 pm
Speaking of Bums

There is an envelope from USASK at home waiting for me. I normally have my mom open my mail while I'm on the phone with her. This one, though, this one is going to have to wait. I will have news later this weekend.

There was one To Do item yesterday that I forgot to mention. I had a bunch of empties from various parties I've had over the last year. They'd been rolling around in a box in the back of the van for a couple weeks, and I kept meaning to drop them off somewhere. Well, the lab is right near a Recyle It centre, so I figured I'd just drop them at the back before work. So there I am, naive girl in red raincoat, carrying a banana box of veritable gold though a rainy-morning alley. I walk around the dumpster and there sit two bums. Shit. Two. I look to the one on the left, I look to the one on the right. They look at each other and start running at me. Then they are both in my face, pushing against me and each other for the box of stuff. I back away wide-eyed and a brawl ensues. So much for trying to be nice. Next time I'll leave them in the adjacent alley.

Oh and why am I home at 2:30pm? Shouldn't I be in class?

Well yes. But I was watching the finals of Storm outside the SUB. There is the grassy knoll. Note that the grassy knoll is quite muddy due to so much foot traffic. Note that about 100 people are gathered on said knoll to watch said finals. Can you see where this is going?

It was slow motion, the soft water-logged mudgrass coming closer to my ass. Then I'm sitting in this soggy mush and I hear a chorus of "oooh"s from the knoll behind. Cringe. I still am. But also laugh. Because I had to go sit though a class with mud-ass!

On my first day of classes here I tripped and fell down the stairs of a full Hennings 200. I think second-to-last day of classes is pretty damn close to a Full Circle.

Beer gardening is definetly in store for tonight.

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