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Thursday, Apr. 17, 2003 @ 11:15 pm
Yee Haw

I am very impressed with my coworkers.

This week three people at three different times asked how I got the scrape over my eye. Each time the question was in the middle of a random work-related conversation.

In combination with my mosh pit bruises I must look battered.

The fact that three different people opened a dialogue about abuse impresses me. They have truly become friends. Real Friends.

So these people are obviously hyper observant... so... why did nobody mention the red marks all over my neck last thursday?? Even my mother asked about them! (note: do not ask your mother to trim your hair 2 days after heavy make-out session) Ha, well I hope they at least laughed behind my back.

So we went for drinks tonight - it seems like forever since we all sat in the Whip. Such good memories. It's over... those times are really over.. but just for a moment we were back in the zone.

They arranged a going away party for me on the 2nd. At HIS house. How convenient.

I got a girl at work to scan in the pictures from the work party I had at my place back around Christmas. Yeah, so they had fun with the whole country theme. The picture after this on the roll is of one of the guys whipping one of the girls with my riding crop.

Yee Haw

PS. Lamb #76 was born today. That's the last one I hope.

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