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Sunday, May. 11, 2003 @ 6:54 pm
Kilrane, Ireland

Well I'm now in Ireland.

I'm working here: http://www.liosincentre.com as a groom. They've been working me like a slave... i had the impression i'd be doing 4-5 hrs of work a day. today i was mucking stalls at 8:30am then was finally free at 5pm.

I can't even remember half of what i did in london. i was only there for one night (not to worry.. i've got 5 more nights there at the beginning of next month). I walked a lot (what else do you do when alone?). Through the parks and through the squares of central d/t london, then over to southwark. I stayed out in greenwich, which i absolutely adored. In the evening I walked up to the royal observatory and watched the purple sunset from the prime meridian. the next day i went out to the kew gardens (thanks Su-lin! christ that quotation mark took forever to find.

then i steamed across the irish sea, sleeping on the floor of the ferry like a true hobo.

so now i've had two days of working with the horses. there are 3 other people wwoofing with me here. a chilean brother and sister and a german guy. good natured people, easy to joke with despite cultural and language barriers.

I cant get over the driving on the left thing. in london i was freaked out of my mind every time i had to cross the road. plus people drive so friggin fast. i rode this rusty old bike down from the farm to the youth hostel here, and nearly got killed several times - there are NO shoulders on the roads here!

Description of slave treatment: they only feed us supper. last night it was a runny stew and baked potatoes. the german guy made rice pudding for dessert. runny rice pudding. the bunkhouse is not heated. i'm glad i brought my toque.

i've written an ubeliveable amount in my paper diary. i've filled up 1/6th of the book i got thats supposed to last me 4 months. its definetly good stuff though. detailed travel log and emotion log.

its lonely travelling alone. i'm not giving up, though. 4 months seems like eternity. i'm going to be so so happy to see karens face on june 4th. and sarah on the 28th-ish in dublin! ahhh ok. i better get back to the farm and see what's cookin for supper tonight. more potato stew?? mmmmm stew.

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